Bear Board offers plastic lumber in twelve vibrant colors. The color of our products is consistent throughout the material—which means that the color on the inside is the same as the surface color. This reduces the aesthetic impact of any scratching or vandalism that may occur. Additionally, our color additives contain a ultra-violet protection package, which minimizes fading in our product. This UV-protection ensures that any fading will not be noticeable.

All of our plastic lumber is made from at least 70% high density polyethylene with minerals added for increased strength and durability, and decreased expansion and contraction.


Quick Ship Colors

Orders typically ship within 48 hours if in stock.  Out of stock or special orders will take up to two weeks.

*Shipping times vary with each order. 


Bear Board’s lumber dimensions are fabricated to meet standard building guidelines. We offer tongue and groove profiles, as well as custom sizes and lengths.


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