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In addition to being a high-quality building material, Bear Board plastic lumber serves industrial and OEM purposes, as well. Our value-added custom plastic pallets are an excellent alternative to wood pallets for shipping because they have five times the strength of wood and our composite pallets won’t crush under intense pressure. We meet all international standards for shipping pallets. Our plastic pallets are resistant to insects and have been tested to hold at least 4,500 pounds even load. Standard sizes available below.

We are happy to manufacture custom plastic pallets specific to your needs. Please fill out the Pallet Quote Form with your composite pallet requirements and contact information, and your Bear Board representative will contact you with a quote and specific ordering information. Thank you!


Our plastic lumber is well suited for transportation and logistics applications. Bear Board plastic dunnage has been used in the fabrication of shipping containers and spacer boards to stack large profiles. Bear Board offers a hollow 4x4 which can be used as a solution for lifting objects without the use or need of a full pallet. The hollow provides a great option to pull banding through.

Please contact your Bear Board representative to discuss plastic dunnage, transportation and logistics solutions. (800) 480-2327

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  1. Heavy Duty Pallet - 40x48

    Heavy Duty Pallet - 40x48

  2. Heavy Duty Pallet - 48x48

    Heavy Duty Pallet - 48x48

  3. Light Duty Pallet - 40x48

    Light Duty Pallet - 40x48

  4. Light Duty Pallet - 48x48

    Light Duty Pallet - 48x48


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